Symptoms of Pregnant Cat

A female cat do not need special attention to maintain a pregnancy.

How to tell if a cat is pregnant?
It's not possible to determine if your cat is pregnant doing any urine or blood test. There are some symptoms of pregnant cat easy to be noted.

Pregnant cat symptoms are:

1. Increased appetite and gain of weight
2. Cat nipples become enlarged with pink collor
3. More rounded appearance of the abdomen
4. Engorgement of the mammary glands

How long is a cat pregnant?
A female cat stay pregnant for nine weeks. The gestation in cats has a time variation of 60 to 70 days. A pregnancy based on that time is healthy.

Stages of a pregnant cat:
In fourth week of pregnancy is visible because the cat gain enough wait and your veterinarian will see it. Its very important to give some quality food like kitten food for you cat. Your veterinarian should recommend it.

Can You Terminate Your Cat’s Pregnancy?

Purebred cat breeders know when their females are cycling and try to plan their pregnancies. Ideally, they mate cats who are not too closely related and try to produce offspring who are healthy and have certain characteristic traits. Owners of pet cats may want their female to have a litter, and they have the right to do so—although again, I suggest that they visit their local animal shelter first and see what happens when there are too many kittens and not enough good homes.

Sometimes time just gets away from a cat owner, and his cat is in heat and pregnant before he’s had a chance to have the animal sterilized.What are the options?


Pregnant cats can be safely spayed, but most veterinarians do not like performing the surgery when a cat is close to full term. If you know your cat is in heat and that she got outside, she can be spayed before significant fetal development has occurred.

If you are already noticing that the cat’s belly is distended and she looks pregnant, chances are the cat is at least six weeks pregnant.The risks of spaying a pregnant cat are slightly higher than performing the surgery on cat who isn’t pregnant, due largely to blood loss and increased surgery time.However, if you do not want kittens, spaying at this time should be considered.

Medical Intervention

Currently there are no safe and reliable medications that will terminate a feline pregnancy, and if your queen is bred by an undesirable male, you are out of luck.Drugs are available that will cause the pregnancy to abort, but they can also harm the queen.For the safety of the queen, let her have the kittens if you are set on breeding her again; otherwise, spay her.